Fryrite filters & purifies down to 4 microns – dramatic extension of the life & quality of your oil

Ace Filters is a renowned name in the hospitality industry. We produce filters for various food businesses.

Our quality systems design, product manufacturing, expert advice and personalised pre-sales and after-sales service is our selling point. We have our specialist raw material suppliers who are recognised as leaders in their field.

Types of Oil Filters We Provide For Hospitality Industry

1) Fryrite Filter Machine

It helps you extend the oil life and manage its quality by purifying down to 12 microns.

​2) Econopump Filter

​Requiring no manual handling of the hot oil, the Econopump filter purifies down to 4 microns.

3) Oil Handy

​If your food joint follows Asian wok-style cooking or uses the countertop fryers, Oil-Handy is an ideal solution. This easy-to-use model can efficiently clean oil directly in the fryer in around 5 minutes.

4) Fryrite Pro Euro

​It filters and purifies down to 4 microns. The Fryrite Pro Euro is compact, light in weight and even safe to use.

5) Miracle Filter Machine

​It filters to the highest standard 4 microns and comes with a high-quality heavy-duty construction.

6) Fry Mate Filtration

​It is a perfect companion for Oil Handy. You can customise it to any fryer vat size. The best part is, it cleans the oil easily due to its stainless-steel construction.

7) Proserve Filter Machine

​For your existing units, our professional team supplies both, the Proserve Filter Machine as well as the filter bags. It has 50 litres of capacity and can filter down to 4 microns.

8) Ace Best Fry Oil Shuttle

​Made from aluminium, it has a capacity of 37 litres and is considered to be safest way to transport.

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Running a commercial Kitchen? Know the Benefits of Filtering Your Cooking Oil

1) Best Use of Oil

​Cooking oil is definitely an essential ingredient in the hospitality industry. With our quality oil filters in Australia, you can fix your filtration schedule to remove the contaminants so that you are able to make the most out of your fryer oil. Doing so will provide you the best use of your cooking oil.

2) Premium Quality of Food

​It is normal to leave behind the bits and pieces in the cooking oil while frying the food. So, to increase the life cycle of your oil, it is important to filter these food particles. Also, filtering the particles out will give you an assurance that the colour, taste and the smell of the food remain unaffected. Ultimately, oil filters will help you provide premium food quality to your customers.

3) Ultimate Customer Satisfaction

​Enhancing customer satisfaction is the main aim any businesses, especially if it is hospitality industry. You need to deliver on your customer expectations. If your kitchen staff consistently filters fryer oil, you will be able to serve great food with great taste. This means happy and recurring customers, and hence, enhanced customer satisfaction.

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