Fryrite is an oil filter machine that filters & purifies down to 4 microns – dramatic extension of the life & quality of your oil

The Fryrite Filter Machine purifies down to12 microns – this means a dramatic extension of the life and quality of frying oil. This will save you the cost of the machine within approximately 6 months!*

This cooking oil filter machine is lightweight, compact, safe to use and requires no manual handling of hot oil.


  • Total draining angled filter tank base
  • Elevated corners to prevent build – up of oil after filtration
  • Temperature protected hose and wand
  • Drain tap for cleaning
  • High quality finish
  • Clamp down tank cover
  • Snap-on connector
  • Powerful pump to filter through tight filter paper and powder
  • Tank cover for protection against dust and dirt after use
  • Comes in a range of sizes including 26, 30, 40 & 50 litre
  • total capacity models
  • Filter papers available to suit both size models

*Based on using 2 drums of oil per week.

Ace Filters


The Econopump Filter is a lightweight, compact and safe to use filter that requires no manual handling of hot oil.

This deep fryer filter purifies down to 12 microns, dramatically extending the life and quality of frying oil. This feature is guaranteed to save you the cost of the machine within approximately 6 months! The use of MIRACLE Filter Aid Powder will significantly extend the life of oil even further, offering even more savings to you!

Ace Filters

Miracle Filter Machines

This cooking oil filter machine is of a heavy duty construction.

Filters to the highest standard 4 micron using Miracle Filter Papers and Miracle Fry Oil Filter Aid Powder.

Whilst purchasing monthly Miracle Filter Papers and Powder, Our team of cooking oil filter machine suppliers offer our customers a life time warranty plan at no extra cost.

​The specification of deep fryer oil filter are:

Capacity Tank: 50 litre
Motor Pump: ½ HP (.37kw)
Power: 240 volt 50HZ
Weight: 49kg net
Height: 56cm (including handle 63cm) off floor
Width: 46cm
Length: Body 66cm (72cm including brake and outlet)


  • Powerful pump and motor. Pumps 20 litres of clean oil in 50 seconds
  • Heavy duty stainless 304 construction
  • 410mm x 600mm 4 micron filter paper to give large filtration surface
  • Lock down filter holding frame
  • Easy to clean
  • Works well with Miracle Filter Aid Powder
  • 70mm swivel casters, 2 with foot brakes
  • 1.2 metre hose x 12.5mm I.D.
  • Optional slide-on stainless steel lid
Miracle Filter Machines

Warranty: 6 months on all parts and body


Battery operated Fry oil filter machine. No More Leads.


  • 75 minutes of Battery life.
  • Portable in design
  • BATTMOBILE runs on DC
  • BATTMOBILE offers twice onboard filtration
  • Quick to recharge
  • External battery charging system
  • Easy to clean & use


  • Primary Materials: Stainless Steel type 304
  • Length – 80 cm (fully assembled)
  • Width – 35 cm (fully assembled)
  • Depth – 44 cm (fully assembled)
  • Capacity Tank: 40 litres
Deep Fryer Filter

Warranty: 6 month warranty on the battery*


Oil Handy

Suitable for food courts, Asian wok-style cooking and counter-top fryers.

This Oil Handy deep fryer oil filter is a must for you kitchen. Your oil can now be cleaned directly in the fryer or wok in about 5 minutes.

We recommend using Oil Handy once or twice a day. The particle filter can be used several times before changing.

We recommend you use use Miracle Fry Oil Filter Powder magnesium silicate to further reduce Free Fatty Acid.

Miracle Filter Machines

Filter fits quickly and easily into filter cartridge


Best value for money filter is Easy roll, cut to length and insert into filter cartridge



This deep fryer filter is a perfect companion for Oil Handy.


  • Fry Mate can be made to any fryer vat size
  • Stainless steel construction makes it easy to clean
  • Reduces particles dropping to the fryer cold zone at the bottom
  • Paticles lie on the Frymate and allows the OilHandy to suck them in with ease
Deep Fryer Filter - Frymate


ACE Filters can supply both the Proserve machine and the filter bags for your existing units.


  • Filter down to 4 microns
  • 50L capacity

ACE BestFry Oil Shuttle

The easy and safe way to transport waste oil and shortening!


  • Made from aluminium
  • L 1200 x W 200 x H 200 mm
  • Capacity: 37 litre (gallon: 9.8)
  • Flexible drain hose with high temperature teflon hose cover
  • Two high temperature teflon handle for both sides: up/down
  • Two 20 centimeter wheels
  • For fryers with female quick disconnect e.g: Henny penny 320 series/PFE-500,PFG-600 fryers.
  • Mesh basket

1. Fill


2. Walk and Push


3. Hook


4. Squat and Empty

Fryrite Filter Box

Manual fry oil filter unit

Cleans oil and removes free fattby acid (FFA)

30 Litre stainless steel tank and filter box
Upper level tank size 10 litres
Lower level tank size 25 litres

Unit size:

340mm high x 485mm deep (plus tap) x 410mm wide

Fryrite Filter Box