Minnane Elementary SPED School (Philippines)

Minnane Elementary SPED School

According to the Philippine Association for Citizens with Developmental and Learning Disabilities, Inc. (PACDLD), there are about 4 million children and youth with disabilities, of whom only 2 percent go to school and 1 percent are properly diagnosed.

The Minane Elementary School is located in an area called Conception, a region situated 1.5 hours north of Manila . ACE Filters employs over 70 local people in this area, a factor which has dramatically improved the livelihood of many living in this community.

When we established our manufacturing plant in this region there were very few opportunities for children with disabilities to access education. In response to this need, ACE Filters provided the necessary funds to transform a derelict army building into a ‘Sped School’ or special education facility. Since its opening, this school has grown in size from 12 to 70 students. We are pleased to have worked side by side with members of this community to help provide the children and young adults with disabilities with the opportunity to complete their education and later, achieve economic independence through paid employment.

ACE Filters have contributed a total of $35,000 towards the improvement of Minane Elementary School, an inclusive institution that seeks to extend educational opportunities to children with disabilities.

Our support of Minane Elementary School has included:

• renovation and refurbishment of the disabled children’s annex

• installation of air conditioning

• donation of funds for a braille computer. In doing so, up to 20 local schools are able to use this braille technology
• construction of three specialty classrooms equipped to accommodate students with a range of disabilities.

• donation of books and footwear.

This project was completed in partnership with Rotary Club of Manningham

Minnane Elementary SPED School

Minnane Elementary SPED School

Minnane Elementary SPED School